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CSR maturity manufacturer

We assess transparency, commitments and sustainable actions of IT manufacturers.

Product life cycle

We analyze social and environmental impact of the product for each stage of its life cycle: from raw materials extraction to end of life.

Energy consumption

We identify energy efficient equipment according to on-power consumption data as well as standby consumption data.

Practical advice for use


Configure black and white, double-sided and « draft » mode printing by default, or even set to two pages/slides per sheet when a work document is involved


Use an application manager for memory and battery optimisation


Use the « print preview » function to ensure the quality of the expected outcome

Plenty of small actions limiting the ecological impact of your equipment and optimizing their consumption. We list the best practices of the use of all of your equipment as well as their end of life.

The latest news

Web Developers: skills wanted but companies’ knowledge is limited.

In only a few years, web developers have become famous. Thanks to the transition to the digital economy, their skills are mandatory, and they have become an important sector in the job market. But, behind the industries growth, there stands technical issues. A recent study tempers the economic effects and illustrates the profession’s failings. What is the solution to these issues? Focus.

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TOP5 of innovations inspired by nature

Nature has the answer. Both researchers and inventors find new ideas and solutions by observing it. The high tech world does the same by adopting biomimetics as a way to create powerful products and solutions. Discover five uncommon innovations inspired by living beings in the new article by the EcoGuide IT team.

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Fairphone, the Dutch company which might change the smartphone’s industry

First of all Fairphone is known to be a smartphone, but behind the product there is also a company adopting sustainable srategy in its DNA. The EcoGuide IT team has the honour to interview Fabian Hühne, from communication department, so as to know if the company is Green IT as its product ! What was … Continuer la lecture de « Fairphone, the Dutch company which might change the smartphone’s industry »

Who are we?

By linking issues to solutions, GreenFlex is every day actively involved in responding to major environmental and social issues and strives to create value for companies and all of their stakeholders. Using operational solutions, GreenFlex makes the connection between ecology and corporate commercial realities, so that companies can accelerate their transition.