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The EcoGuide IT is a guide to responsible purchasing accessible online to all. Its goal is to help businesses make purchasing decisions by ranking products on the market based on CSR life cycle and energy criteria, by publishing technology and regulatory news, and by providing detailed reports on industry issues.

Because the EcoGuide IT aims to keep you constantly informed about new arrivals on the market and their environmental impact, updates are frequent. Thirty or so new products are listed each month, while the scoring algorithm is recalculated after each new listing to ensure that the position of products is represented as accurately as possible. Our team of product managers also follow technological and regulatory developments closely. As soon as relevant news breaks, an article is published in the news section and the entire EcoGuide IT is updated. This content is also fully checked and rewritten every year to ensure you have the most suitable solution.

The EcoGuide IT is aimed at businesses and individuals wishing to take sustainable development into account when purchasing IT equipment or who simply want to find out more about the issues facing the Green IT sector.

The EcoGuide IT today has almost 3500 listings and counting.

The EcoGuide IT is designed to help make purchasing decisions. It does this by enabling you to choose the right products: getting to grips with different labels, anticipating innovations and disruptive technologies, not to mention new regulations, make decision making complicated for businesses committed to more sustainable development.

Greenflex is independent and unbiased. The EcoGuide IT listings are therefore completely free.
I am a distributor. Can we work together?
The EcoGuide IT aims to keep abreast of the latest green products and services. If you are the exclusive distributor of an innovative product, please contact our sales team.

If you are the manufacturer of an innovative product or if you are already listed and wish to provide additional information about your products, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our selection is based on the environmental and social benefits of a business, as well as certain technical, environmental and innovative aspects of a product. The offerings of a business may contain some products that meet this criteria and other that don’t.

The EcoGuide IT is an advice and decision-making tool designed to guide businesses towards greener products.
Being listed in the EcoGuide IT will enable you to:

  • Be recommended by GreenFlex to its customers (GreenFlex site)
  • Be easily identified by business decision makers and leverage your sustainable development positioning
  • Enjoy increased visibility for your offering free of charge

If you are a business committed to sustainable development, and if you have eco-designed products in your portfolio, let us know!