The EcoGuide IT is getting updated!

EcoGuide IT is THE responsible purchasing guide that helps you in the procurement of sustained IT products with about 3 000 available products.

With the purpose of increasingly guiding you in the purchase, the usage and the responsible disposal of your IT equipment, the EcoGuide IT is getting updated ! From now on, you can take advantage of a brand new ranking of hardware employing an updated and deepened grid of analysis criteria. Tabs and contents of our tool have also been improved so as to provide new key thematic that regard the Green IT life cycle of your assets.

Available will be our rankings providing you with an easy visualization of which hardware is the best eco-designed or the most energy efficient. Moreover, possibility is given to differentiate all the steps of the hardware life cycle through an environmental analysis. Indeed, the forms have been updated in order to deliver the maximum information in a blink of an eye just for you to deepen those you really want to know.

Being the purpose of the EcoGuide IT to inform all users of new technologies, our website now comes in different languages ! Likewise, the website will keep you posted on regulations and tomorrow’s responsible technologies. You will be able to check thematic articles, practical guidance as well as focus on the process regarding Green IT life cycle.

Clear, relevant and multilingual information aiming at providing support in your Green IT process!

Do not wait any longer, visit our website!

The Ecoguide team