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The exponential growth of computer data and their processing comes with an extremely high energy consumption. At this pace, it is estimated that the global carbon footprint of IT would be greater than the one of air transportation in 2020.

Management and optimization of budgets as well as the environmental footprint of IT equipment are thus key challenges for businesses!

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Diag IT: a complete diagnosis of your IT equipment!

Diag IT
  • Detailed analysis of your IT equipment according to products' sustainability, the CSR approach of manufacturers as well as the energy, budgetary and carbon impact of assets
  • Recommendations on more energy-efficient equipment, consequently having lower CO2 impact
  • Modeling of evolution scenarios customizable to your challenges!
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GreenFlex in figures

+ 1 billion € of energy bill managed
+ 500 000 assets managed
+ 250 M€ of devices connected and managed

BeeGreen: your asset management platform!

Ecoguide IT
  • Procurement:

    E-procurement tool with access to a private catalog
  • Asset Management:

    Monitoring of equipment movement throughout their life cycle
  • Reports:

    Provides monitoring as well as financial, technical, administrative and environmental reporting for IT park

A fully configurable and interoperable solution with all the software packages of the market!

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La location opérationnelle : le financement de la transition


Définition et mise en place de solutions de financement et d'outils de pilotage pour l'ensemble des équipements

  • Technologiques
  • Industriels
  • Retail

Tout au long de leur cycle de vie.

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