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ACER Iconia W7


ACER tablet Iconia W7 is equipped with Intel Core i3-2375M processor and has a 4 GB RAM for weighs 0.95 kg.


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CSR maturity

Acer is a company which does not spontaneously provide the information which is needed to assess its products. However, once it was requested, the company let us have some information which was certainly not exhaustive, but which shows the company's clear desire to provide information about its products. 
A desire that is reinforced by the publication of a CSR report based on the GRI standards, but which does not yet appear in the organisation's publications and for which no validation has been carried out by an independent third party.

Among its commitments in the above-mentioned CSR report, Acer says it wants to banish brominated flame retardants from its plastics and circuits. Unfortunately, in 2011, we still find these substances in the brand's products, if the data published in the eco-declarations we have studied are anything to go by. Certainly, some models which are free from them have been marketed, but it is not yet the majority.
In 2009 Acer also committed itself to measuring the carbon footprint of its products, a footprint that has so far not been communicated.
Greenpeace noted the same undertakings on the part of Acer with regard to these topics and gave them a high value in the 2011 edition of its Greener Electronics guide. Acer got a score of 2.9/10, maintaining its 12th place.

Finally, socially speaking, we regret Acer's reluctance to talk about the subject. The company announces its participation in 81 varied community projects supporting education, health and childhood, being actively involved via the Acer Foundation, but without any declared partnership with NGOs. The objectives for 2011 are to develop voluntary work within the company.

Life cycle

1 year
0 year
Availability of parts


  • Storage capacity can be increased or replaced
  • Does not contain REACH substances


  • Warranty for only 1 year
  • No replacement parts provided

Energy consumption


Technical specifications

Integrated graphics card
Not communicated
Battery life (h)
Type of battery
Lithium polymer
Type of hard disk
Not communicated
Hard disk size
Type of RAM
Type of processor
Intel Core i3-2375M
Processor speed (GHz)
Name of the graphics card
Not communicated
Weight (kg)
Screen size (inches)
Touch screen

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Practical advice for use


Use an application manager for memory and battery optimisation


Use a universal charger


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