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APPLE Mac Mini (2017)


APPLE desktop Mac Mini (2017) is equipped with Intel Core i5 processor, Intel HD Graphics 5000 graphics card and has a 4 GB RAM.


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CSR maturity

Because Apple's policy is to differentiate itself from the mass, the company has chosen not to publish any formal CSR report, but to integrate this information in a vague way onto its Corporate site. The main themes are therefore accessible, but the content could be simpler to access and more complete. We are therefore a long way from the criteria set out by the GRI in the context of drawing up its CSR reporting, knowing as well that the information is not audited by any independent organisation.  

Assessing the maturity of the manufacturer's CSR is a slightly complex exercise. Apple, which has been criticised for a number of years for its subcontractors' social policy, wrote a full 24-page report in 2010 entitled "Supplier Responsibility", which drew up a record of the social environment of its service providers, mainly Asian, in order to assess the approach to implement in terms of progress. This praiseworthy initiative and this desire for transparency cannot be anything other than welcome. However, this also appears to be a subtle approach which allows the brand to abdicate responsibility by pointing a finger at the responsibilities of subcontractors...

In addition, Greenpeace has given Apple a score of 4.6/10 in its "Guide To Greener Electronics", regretting a lack of transparency in the information it provides and public stances which are too lightweight in terms of restricting some toxic products. For more information, we encourage you to read the latest edition which nevertheless puts it in 4th position, having moved up 5 places. Finally, in its latest 2011 "Green Rankings" of the 500 most environmentally responsible companies, Newsweek puts Apple in 117th place, once again especially due to its lack of transparency.

Life cycle



  • Does not contain PVC in the external parts of the product
  • Has no Halogenated Flame Retardants in the external shell
  • Does not contain PVC in the product's electronics
  • Memory can be increased or replaced
  • Storage capacity can be increased or replaced


  • Contains PVC in its packaging

Energy consumption

5.5 W
On-mode power consumption (W)
0.73 W
Stand-by consumption (W)

Technical specifications

Integrated graphics card
Type of central unit
Ultra Small Form Factor
Associated screen
Name of the graphics card
Intel HD Graphics 5000
Hard disk size
Type of RAM
Type of processor
Intel Core i5
Processor speed (GHz)
Dimensions HxLxD (mm)
36 x 197 x 197
Weight (kg)
Type of hard disk
Not communicated

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