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ASUS screen VS248H-P is equipped with LCD LED technology and is non-touch.

It is certified EPEAT and Energy Star.

  • Energy Star


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Overall cost

CSR maturity

Asustek was late in publishing its 2010 CSR report, in spite of the fact that this involves one of the rare "A"s verified by the GRI. This report is all the more valuable as the company is rather discrete in terms of the information it makes available about its products.

Whatever area of sustainable development we wanted to have information about, we were unable to get any. Even on request, no information was provided for us, particularly about the products.
Greenpeace does not mention Asustek in its eco-responsible information technology ranking… However, in its CSR report, Asustek for instance claims to have eliminated halogenated products little by little from its components, and to have done so since 2008. Several examples go to support the fact that Asustek is indeed committed, but hardly gives any information: the company shows the carbon footprint of some products, particularly the bamboo U53Jc notebook, but does not make any mention of this anywhere else. In the same way as the UL30A was ranked first by Greenpeace in its Electronics Survey 2010 annual challenge, where manufacturers voluntarily submit their best products for the NGO to give its expert opinion. It is a shame that these advantages are not highlighted on the products themselves.
If we look for information on governance, relations with stakeholders and commitments to NGOs, Asustek publishes a dedicated site which is to say the least terse.

So, torn between the good will shown by Asustek's CSR report and the reality in terms of the assessment of their products, it is difficult for us to give a clear-cut opinion, other than to say that the best is doubtless still to come as far as Asustek is concerned!

Life cycle

3 years
1 year
Availability of parts


  • Does not contain mercury in the light sources
  • Does have parts and labels that can be easily separated
  • Does not have a surface coating for the plastic parts of the case/top
  • Does not have plastic parts of a single material or that are easy to separate
  • Does have plastic parts without metallic inlays or that are difficult to extract with the tools currently available


  • Contains 0% of recycled plastic
  • Contains 0% bioplastics
  • Contains 0% of recycled plastic in its packaging
  • Does not have packaging made of a single material
  • Replacement parts only available for 1 year

Energy consumption

32 W
On-mode power consumption (W)
0.5 W
Stand-by consumption (W)

Technical specifications

Screen resolution (dpi or ppp)
Screen technology
Response time (in ms)
Dimensions HxLxD (mm)
412,3 x 573,2 x 205,5
Weight (kg)
Screen size (inches)
Touch screen

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Take your used hardware to the dedicated collection points for WEEE so that it can be recycled