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HP ProLiant BL460c


HP server ProLiant BL460c in 2 offers a storage capacity of 146 Gb.


Modelling the total cost of your IT equipment

Purchase cost
Consumption cost
Overall cost

CSR maturity

HP provides users with a financial report and a CSR report on request. Depending on their interests, readers can download all the documents, that is a 180-page report in total or a very condensed 20-page CSR report.
The report has a self-assessment score of "B" according to the GRI criteria, but has not been audited by any body or by an independent third party.
It is therefore difficult to give any detailed opinion about the company. As this apparent profusion of information does not necessarily result in the desired transparency.
However, it should be noted that HP is often singled out among the most eco-responsible companies: 15th place in Newsweek's 2011 "Green Ranking" and the company also features in the Top 100 of Corporate Knights. 

In addition, Greenpeace puts it in first place in its 2011 ranking for greener information technology, especially thanks to the efforts made to eliminate brominated flame retardants and PVC. These efforts were noted in the products we analysed and for which it is rare not to find the information needed for our study.
In the area of greenhouse gas emissions, HP is proud to announce a drastic reduction, going from 8.07 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent in 2008 to 3.77 million tonnes in 2010.

In terms of products, HP almost routinely publishes an eco-declaration specifying equipment components, thus showing itself to be a model of transparency.
Finally, from a social viewpoint, the company is in particular committed to the appeasement of conflicts linked to information technology raw materials, shoulder to shoulder with NGOs in the field. Internally, it also encourages its employees to participate in voluntary programmes and declares that there are 102,000 of its staff members involved.

Life cycle

3 years
5 years
Availability of parts


  • Does not contain PVC in the external parts of the product
  • Has no Halogenated Flame Retardants in the external shell
  • Does contain PVC in its packaging
  • Memory can be increased or replaced
  • Storage capacity can be increased or replaced


  • Contains Halogenated Flame Retardants in the printed circuits
  • Contains PVC in the product's electronics
  • Does not have packaging made of a single material
  • Does not send any information with regard to REACH
  • Meets 7.5 LWAd (B) values in standby mode

Energy consumption


Technical specifications

Rack size (U)
Type of hard disk
Hard disk size
Type of RAM
Type of processor
Intel Xeon E5450
Processor speed (GHz)
DRAC card
Not communicated
Controller card
Not communicated
Network card
2 ports NC373i
Heat dissipation (kj/h)
Not communicated
Dimensions HxLxD (mm)
181,7 x 55,6 x 509,5
Weight (kg)

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Practical advice for use


Monitor the usage rate in order to identify and switch off hardware which is not in use


Monitor the energy consumption of the IT stock and centralised updating processes

Carry out

Carry out regular maintenance of hardware and software/programs