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LENOVO ThinkServer TD230


LENOVO server ThinkServer TD230 in Tour offers a storage capacity of 2000 Gb.

It is certified Energy Star.

  • Energy Star


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Overall cost

CSR maturity

Lenovo publishes a social responsibility report which sticks to the GRI criteria, but which it has not submitted to them for approval and has not been audited by a third party. This is clearly not the first year for this and it is all the more astonishing as the report in question claims to adhere to the GRI. The report, which is rather terse, does not present any indicators for the environmental area.
In addition, Lenovo is not present in the international rankings relating to the sustainability of international companies.

With regard to product-related transparency, Lenovo regularly publishes full environmental data on the models in its ranges. Greenpeace criticises the company and puts it in 8th place in its 2011 ranking, in particular following the failure to adhere to the undertakings it made concerning the elimination of brominated flame retardants and also because it did not have the greenhouse gas emission figures it announced verified. Nevertheless, Lenovo has set up action plans for the coming years and states its desire to reduce greenhouse gases by 50% by 2050 with respect to 1990 emissions. This ambition may seem positive, but needs to be seen in relative terms in view of the stricter undertakings made and adhered to by fellow manufacturers, both in terms of the timescales for carrying this out and the expected results.
With regard to the efforts made, in our analyses we noted a clear presence of recycled materials in the latest products launched, with this being in large proportions, far higher than with fellow manufacturers.

Finally the social performance of the company set out in Lenovo's CSR report is to say the least terse and only gives a small amount of information about the programmes the company is involved in or about the internal measurement of undertakings on this subject.

Life cycle

3 years
5 years
Availability of parts


  • Memory can be increased or replaced
  • Storage capacity can be increased or replaced
  • Warranty for 3 years
  • Replacement available for 5 years


  • Does not send any information with regard to REACH

Energy consumption


Technical specifications

Rack size (U)
Type of hard disk
Hard disk size
Type of RAM
Type of processor
Intel Xeon séries 5500 et 5600
Processor speed (GHz)
DRAC card
Not communicated
Controller card
Not communicated
Network card
Not communicated
Heat dissipation (kj/h)
Not communicated
Dimensions HxLxD (mm)
Not communicated

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