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NEC screen EA192M-BK is equipped with TN technology and is non-touch.

It is certified TCO, EPEAT and Energy Star.

  • TCO
  • Energy Star


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CSR maturity

NEC offers a social and societal responsibility report which is around thirty pages long, which is rather concise and self-declared as being at level "B" in terms of GRI requirements, but which has not been endorsed by this body. This report is written more like a manifesto than a traditional CSR report. This does not make it easy to read when you are looking for a specific item of information.
It contains few identified indicators and is more the reflection of the company's commitment and philosophy than of results. Only those activities linked to promoting the objectives associated with societal responsibility are the subject of a table followed by indicators. In the same way as conformity with the GRI structure is supported on a web page and not in the report itself, the environmental information was the subject of a dedicated annual report on this topic.

The environmental report can only be read on-line and is not available for full download and to be read off-line. It is quite a shame to have to search for the information about the company, disseminated on the corporate website, by section and by theme.
However, the results shown by NEC are entirely positive. With a reduction of 48% in greenhouse gases other than CO2 in 2010 vs 2009 and a global reduction in CO2 emissions of 48% (in absolute terms), the company can pride itself on having put the measures which were needed in place. 
Generally speaking, although most of the indicators are positive, the mere fact that the above-mentioned report has not been audited by a third party and that NEC has not been assessed by Greenpeace in its analysis of service providers, raises doubts with regard to the profusion of data which is so positive in all aspects.
With regard to the end of life of products, no information is given on procedures and actions, either on the French site or on the global site, apart from the USA.

Finally, from a social point of view, transparency is not the qualifier that comes first. Even though NEC is a member of several independent indexes of social and environmental responsibility and is ranked in the Global 100 of most sustainable companies in 2011, in 79th place, it does not demonstrate a strong desire to promote its achievements and objectives in this area. In fact, readers will have to draw the information available together themselves, which is published separately on the website, in order to come to an opinion.
However, it should still be emphasised that in its latest 2011 "Green Rankings" of the 500 most environmentally responsible companies, Newsweek puts NEC in 48th place, especially as a result of its environmental management.

Life cycle

3 years
3 years
Availability of parts


  • Electronic fields created by the product limited
  • Does not contain PVC in the external parts of the product
  • Has no Halogenated Flame Retardants in the external shell
  • Does not contain mercury in the light sources
  • Has no Halogenated Flame Retardants in the printed circuits


  • Contains 0% of recycled plastic
  • Contains 0% bioplastics
  • Contains 0% of recycled plastic in its packaging
  • Does not have packaging made of a single material
  • Does not send any information with regard to REACH

Energy consumption

26 W
On-mode power consumption (W)
1 W
Stand-by consumption (W)

Technical specifications

Screen resolution (dpi or ppp)
1280 x 1024
Screen technology
Response time (in ms)
Dimensions HxLxD (mm)
386,4 x 408 x 213,9
Weight (kg)
Screen size (inches)
Touch screen

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