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SONY All-in-One SVJ2022 is equipped with Intel Core i5-3337U processor, GPU NVIDIA graphics card and has a 6 GB RAM.


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CSR maturity

Sony publishes by far the most concentrated social responsibility reports in a 270-page document. For all that, the volume of information provided is not necessarily a proof of transparency insofar as the abundance may be interpreted as a desire to drown the reader in a mass of information. All the more so, as the report in question has not been submitted to the GRI or verified by them, or by any third party whatsoever, except for the BVQI with respect to the environmental section.
In addition, the report does not present any indicators or plans that might give easy access to the essential information. Sony does not give any information about its products either, even on request. When you put all these elements together, it suggests to us that Sony is not one of the most transparent companies in this field. This is something that can be confirmed via the latest 2011 "Green Rankings" of the 500 most environmentally responsible companies, where Newsweek puts Sony in 75th place, especially due to this lack of transparency.

On the other hand, though we may have had little information about the products and their environmental impact, Greenpeace values Sony's undertakings and actions in terms of reducing greenhouse gases and welcomes the efforts to reduce toxic chemicals.

As a member of the EICC, in addition to subscribing to the code of conduct, Sony participates in the resolution of conflicts linked to the extraction of raw materials. It is also very active in supporting respect for equality and the work / family life balance. Sony also sponsors a lot of charitable activities through its foundations and NGOs such as UNICEF and Care. Finally Sony has committed itself to the millennium goals.

Life cycle

3 years
0 year
Availability of parts


  • Has no Halogenated Flame Retardants in the external shell
  • Has no Halogenated Flame Retardants in the printed circuits
  • Does not contain PVC in the product's electronics
  • Memory can be increased or replaced
  • Storage capacity can be increased or replaced


  • Contains 0% of recycled plastic
  • Does not have packaging made of a single material
  • Does not send any information with regard to REACH
  • No replacement parts provided

Energy consumption

9 W
On-mode power consumption (W)
1.3 W
Stand-by consumption (W)

Technical specifications

Integrated graphics card
Not communicated
Name of the graphics card
Hard disk size
Type of hard disk
Serial ATA
Type of RAM
Type of processor
Intel Core i5-3337U
Processor speed (GHz)
Dimensions HxLxD (mm)
312 x 504 x 187
Screen size (inches)
Touch screen

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