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Thin clients

WYSE R-Class


WYSE thin client R-Class is equipped with AMD Sempron processor, Not communicated graphics card and has a 0,512 GB RAM.

It is certified Energy Star.

  • Energy Star


Modelling the total cost of your IT equipment

Purchase cost
Consumption cost
Overall cost

CSR maturity

Neither sustainable development nor CSR are real priorities for Wyse, if the absence of relevant information on these topics, either direct or indirect, is anything to go by.
Without any information, it is difficult to say what is or is not good...impossible to have even the slightest opinion. However, by marketing light information technology solutions, its activities are already striving for a more sustainable development, which makes it an even greater shame that we do not have any information.

Life cycle

3 years
0 year
Availability of parts


  • Modules (CD/DVD reader, USB ports etc.) can be added or replaced
  • Does not contain REACH substances
  • Warranty for 3 years


  • No replacement parts provided

Energy consumption

14.6 W
On-mode power consumption (W)
1.2 W
Stand-by consumption (W)

Technical specifications

Name of the graphics card
Not communicated
Type of hard disk
Not communicated
Hard disk size
Not communicated
Type of RAM
Not communicated
Type of processor
AMD Sempron
Processor speed (GHz)
Dimensions HxLxD (mm)
Not communicated
Weight (kg)

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Practical advice for use


Sell or donate your hardware at the pick-up points dedicated to reconditioning so that it can be reused


Take your used hardware to the dedicated collection points for WEEE so that it can be recycled

Carry out

Carry out regular clean-ups by deleting useless software and documents